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Joseph Salinas




Real Name: Joseph Salinas

Alias: Xerox, Salty, Showtime, Copy Master, Carbon

Identity: Public

Alignment: Good

Affiliation: Fed-X, Reserve member of X-men

Relatives: Sabrina Salinas (sister), Alora Salinas (wife). Trisha Gannon (sister in law)

Base of Operation:  X-Lair, Boston, Massachusetts

formerly Twin Sister Peaks Missile Base, Colorado; New Bedford, Massachusetts



Gender: Male

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 162 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown



Citizenship: American

Martial Status: Married

Occupation: Adventurer, former Federal Agent

Education: BS, Mechanical Engineering, NYU, New York


Origin: Born a mutant he didn’t discover his ability to copy other people’s powers until he tried to stop a fight at school and replicated his friend’s mutant power.

Place of Birth: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, New York




1.1  Origins

1.2  Splinters

1.3  New Path

1.4  Stranded

1.5  New Beginnings

1.6  Pride and Sorrow

1.7  New Mission

2. Powers and Abilities

2.1 Powers

2.2 Abilities

2.3 Strength level

2.4  Weaknesses

3. Paraphernalia

4. Notes





In college he was the funny guy, the one who pulled pranks and threw wild parties. That all changed when he tried to help childhood friend, Brock Erickson, from getting into a fight and instead copied his latent mutant power turning both of them into living statues. Fearing they’d be arrested or turned into lab subjects they both went missing for several days before being found by Oswald and they were offered a place at Fed-X. Along with Berserk, Flare, Aero, Dash, Medic, and the Gannon sisters, they’d form the core of what would be the first Fed-X team.


During his stay at Xavier’s School for higher learning he learned he had duplication powers allowing him to genetically copy anyone else special gift. While he does this automatically during skin to skin contact he learned how to control it as to not use the copies he just made. He also trained the hardest in basic combat and strategy to try and minimize his own weaknesses as he was semi-dependant on others to give him a usable power. This would also be when his relationship with Alora Gannon would start to change from friendship to something more although it would take years to reach fruition.


From the start he was the one with a quick quip or joke who didn’t seem to take the danger seriously. Few of his teammates knew that contrary to this belief though he was all too aware of it and used humor to mask his own feelings of fear and inadequacy as a member of the team. As the relationship with Cinder deepened it only grew worse until the day she was kidnapped by Cataclysm and transformed into the Elemental Inferno. Blaming himself he became fixated on finding her, going days with eating or sleeping.

After their first encounter with her new incarnation he felt it was a further failure on his part to protect the ones he cared about. When her sister was the one to revert Alora back to her old self it only seemed to highlight his failures so far as she was in a coma.



Now heart sick with doubt, regret and anger, Xerox vowed to avenge his would be love. This would occur days later as Cataclysm lead an attack on a nuclear plant. Enraged and reckless Xerox flung himself at the tyrant and began to copy his powers as the others fought his elementals. While epic it was also short lived. Bursting through a containment wall into the surrounding countryside Cataclysm beat the young man to an inch of his life as his over-strained powers ran out and then nearly crippled him by slamming the trunk of a tree onto his back. Robbed of his prize though He left the battered team to collect Xerox and hope he hadn’t broken more then just his body.


While Medic’s healing powers had saved his life and his then crushed legs, they didn’t heal his heart or his spirit. While still recuperating Xerox found a group of Anti-mutant supporters assaulting a young mutant boy near his hospital. Using a mixture of the powers he had absorbed he brutally beat them until he was restrained by Rocc. Seeing how close he’d come to killing them he seemed to sober up and fell limp against his friend as he lead him away. As deserving as they may have been the violent outburst by Xerox and his previous actions with Inferno and Cataclysm left the team with little choice but to put him on inactive reserve. Considering this a betrayal by his closet friends, Xerox stormed out of the X-lair leaving his uniform and security card behind before anyone could talk to him. Aimlessly He walked and fumed until he collapsed in a snow bank. Waking up he saw a familiar face from his days at Xavier’s but not necessarily a friendly one. His caretaker was none other then Mystique and beside him was the master of Magnetism himself, Magneto. Magneto claimed to be impressed by the young mutant and how talent was going to waste working for Homo sapiens and their petty concerns. If he really wanted to help people, help mutants like himself or Alora then he should be working with Magneto. After all what had Humans done but get him nearly killed time and time again for their agenda not his. Wasn’t it a Homo sapiens that dared to call himself her father that caused Inferno to exist in the first place? Wary of Magneto’s reputation he reluctantly agreed to be an acolyte. He had tried Xavier’s way now he would another way.


New Path

While he was with people who seemed to be as like-minded as him the more time he spent with Magneto and his forces the less he actually felt like one of them. Sweeping Genosha of the rebel elements opposing Magneto’s rule did nothing to calm the dull ache in his heart or put any of his old doubts to rest. He did begin to learn new ways to use both his power and his skills in combat as Magneto attempted to sculpt him into an ideal Lieutenant. This attention drew the envy of others who thought of him as one of the preferred among the new regime. From Fabian Cortez it drew his jealousy as his power was augmenting Magneto’s and Xerox’s duplication power threatened that position. Joseph’s discontentment didn’t require a telepath to detect though. Even among a nation of mutant brothers and sisters he was a man alone, the polar opposite of his old life and still just as unhappy.


Xerox eventually found a mutant named Angela Tagnett similarly disenchanted with Magneto’s ways. For weeks they met and shared their lives until they finally planned an escape from the island nation. She was immediately attracted to the troubled young man but knew something was eating at him. Discovered early by the brotherhood, Angela, also known as Wisp, turned both of them into vapor to escape. As their disembodied minds mingled along with their gaseous forms she found herself picking up pieces of his thoughts and memory as a side effect of their combined powers. It was then she learned that while he cared deeply for her, Joseph was still in love with Alora. Their escape was stopped short by Magneto himself. Magnus and Joseph argued bitterly about the mutant cause and the role he could play in mutantkind’s destiny still. Xerox then posed the question ‘What good is your heart’s desire if you lose your soul in the process?’ Moved by his words Magneto released them and promised the boat safe passage this time for when they met again it would most likely be as enemies.



While Magneto had promised safety from reprisals the weather seemed to have no such agreement as a nasty squall mauled their ship and ran them aground on an uncharted tropical island. Their timing was such that it was mere hours before the Genosha massacre and they were thought dead by the world, along with the 16 million other mutants who had died. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t fix the boat and with no idea how far land was it was too risky to use his stored powers to try and escape. It quickly seemed to become hopeless to escape and that they would be suck there in an island paradise in the middle of nowhere for the rest of their lives


Xerox refused to believe it though and tried any number of ways to repair the Radio or somehow signal a passing ship they were there, eventually burning out all his copies in the process. Angela would finally angrily confront him about Cinder and asked him what was so great about the outside world if it meant your heart would be broken. Xerox has no answer but the hope it would mend stronger then before. The weeks trapped there gave him new confidence in his usefulness without powers and perhaps for the first time since he discovered his power he had a true sense of worth again.


Salvation would finally come in the form of pirates who captured the pair thinking it was deserted beach. Using her powers Wisp slipped free and used their radio to call his former teammates as he held off the pirates on his own, powerless. After a long chase across the island they had Xerox pinned with only the ocean and a long fall onto the sharp rocks behind him. Diving off the end of the cliff he suddenly flew back up as he stood on the roof of a hover jet. His friends refusing to believe he was dead had heard his distress call from Genosha and ‘borrowed’ the jet. Taking her helmet off the pilot turned out to be none other then Alora herself. Overcome with relief and happiness he finally told her how he felt and was cheered on by his friends, old and new, as they finally kissed.


New Beginnings

Agency X, the governing body that oversaw Fed-X reinstated Xerox after making it clear he would sere on the same team with Cinder due to a possible conflict of interest. Now second in command of Team Blue he took this chance to show what he could do starting by freeing the other two captured teams held captive by Kang the Conqueror’s invasion forces from the future. When Rem Quesada suddenly replaced Wiz as team supervisor he began to implement new polices. One was no member of the team could pursue a relationship with another member. This placed a huge strain on the new couple who had to sneak around behind agent’s backs to be together. Change after change would push the team morale to the breaking point before Rem was revealed to be Masquerade working as a mole for Dr Malice’s attack on them using Vengeance Unlimited. Seeing how uneasy the alliance between them, Xerox was the first one to start to question the mind control powers of several members as the only thing that made them join together. Knowing how uncertainty could gnaw away at someone he worked Red Monarch until the alien warlord physically confronted his new team mates and allowed Fed-X to defeat them.


His true test would be when Cataclysm, the madman who had broken him reappeared with a plan to spark a global war. Splitting up He and Flame disabled a microwave generator array only to find it been a feint and Cinder herself was the intended source if the thermal energy needed to trigger the orbiting death spore pods. He tried to bring Inferno back and seemed to succeed until a fully aware Cinder incinerated the pods to ash. The mental link the couple now shared had anchored her mind and let her use Inferno’s powers rather then the other way around.

Cataclysm wasn’t done as he rigged a bomb to their home base using Jump, a friend of theirs to bypass security. Jump would ultimately give her life to save the world and them by jumping the whole complex deep into space and allowing them to escape back to Earth by Xerox using her copied power before the massive explosive tore it apart. While Cataclysm seems to die Xerox knows better then to go by appearances.


With a multi-million dollar base destroyed overnight, the government pulled the plug on Fed-X. The once teammates drifted apart as they tried to go on with their lives on their own. Joseph returned to New York with Alora to attempt to finish a college degree at NYU and develop their relationship without the uniforms and codenames. He found especially hard to go back to being another mutant in hiding after being open about his powers as Xerox. Taking a brave step he talked to Alora and then they revealed themselves to be mutants during a mutant rights rally. Using their powers they stopped the attempted arson of the church the rally was being held at. Their personal lives took a hit as people began to distance themselves from them, only for being mutants. When Moon Dog invited them along with most of the old team to his home they accepted. There they both voted to reform the team using his family manor as their new headquarters.


After being forced back into working for the government one last time, Xerox, like the others was none pleased to find out they were hunting a fellow mutant. Again dividing to conquer, Xerox worked with Wisp and Matrix to see if their friendly federal agent was being on the level with them as the others carried out the mission. A mind scan using Cinder’s powers revealed the set up before team red fell right into it with the mutant terrorist turned ally, Hassid. Delivering the evidence in person he watched with great satisfaction as SHIELD agents led the would-be drug kingpin away.


Pride and Sorrow

Later during a second meeting with Vengeance Unlimited He’d join the psychic strike to take out Poppet and Red Monarch as they eventually destroyed Talbot Manor during the prolonged battle to defeat them. Being mentally linked to Cinder and Flame he picked up the odd vibration as House of M unfolded and collapsed in a heart beat for reality. Locked into receiving thoughts he heard the panic and horror of thousands of mutants who were de-powered including a large number of his friends and teammates. Xerox was nearly crushed by the emotional tidal wave before the sisters forcibly broke the link and put him to sleep to prevent further harm to his mind.


Recovering in a hospital, his open status as a mutant brought several attempts by anti-mutant groups to either kill or abduct him. Each was stopped short by his friends until in a diversion they fired a rocket directly into his room. The bigot’s joy was short lived as Xerox levitated out of the burning room and used the launcher to pin his attacker the wall then stripped the others of weapons despite his copy of Magneto being seemingly used up. Once they were rounded up Xerox began to flicker and vanished revealing Phantasm had projected the whole thing using her telekinesis and holographic powers to protect her brother. They then discharged Xerox from the hospital to avoid endangering people further as anti-mutant activity was reaching an all-time high.


After waking up he felt a sense of guilt again for retaining his powers but an unexpected talk with Captain America made him see that his powers had always been meant to help those who could help themselves and now more then ever he owed it to them to do whatever he could to make the difference. Taking him up on his offer he trained with the living legend refining his non-mutant abilities yet again before returning to Fed-X and helping their new sister team, the X-Patriots get set up in Britain.


New Mission

When he returned, Xerox was one of the driving forces for Fed-X to firmly re-establish itself after M-Day To protect the now vast majority of de-powered mutants and any threat that might take advantage of the current social chaos from it’s aftermath. He also took a big leap in his personal life when he proposed to his long time love, Cinder. The wedding lifted everyone spirits after a prolonged time of darkness for the team with a host of friends and allies attending. The surprise appearance of Red Monarch at the reception though almost sparked a fight but he delivered a wedding present, a matched pair of swords to fight any who would try to conquer their love.


As the Superhero Registration Act was passed it split the team with Xerox being staunchly Anti-registration faction. As a mutant he felt that openly disclosing yourself as a superhero or just a mutant should be a choice you make when you’re ready not because a law demands it. This belief had him fighting ‘Cape Killers’, SHIELD agents trained to arrest and hold any superhero would did not register after the dead-line in attempts to rescue captured mutants and other heroes. He was put down personally by Iron Man in a fierce battle between the Mighty Avengers and Fed-X. Considering himself a political prisoner, Xerox refused to disclose his team’s headquarters or the identities of the new members who’d joined after their government disbanding. Even a visit from his friend and former teammate, Blast, didn’t sway him. During his transfer to the Raft his transport was struck by an energy discharge and crashed in New York City. He quickly made his escape as he’d been feigning a loss of his powers after his capture. Meeting with Discharge, Blast’s new armored persona, they made their way back to base.


With the Pro-side winning, Xerox agreed to pretend to comply with the act and make Fed-X an Initiative team while secretly helping and hiding members of the Anti-registration faction. He’s even created the false superhero Showtime, to avoid endangering his wife and friends in their efforts.


Powers and Abilities


Genetic duplication: Xerox is a Beta Level Mutant with the ability to copy someone’s powers at the genetic level. Any skin to skin contact automatically triggers this power. This ‘copy’ stays with him for up to an hour if used continuously or he can switch copies at will to mimic someone. If he chooses to switch, each copy get weaker and the duration he can use that power grows shorter each time he reuses it. Eventually it stops working completely and the only one to regain that power is to resample the original owner. While he can copy an individual’s powers he can’t reproduce physical properties or characteristics so he doesn’t shape change when using their unique abilities. In other words he could copy the healing factor and animal senses of someone like Wolverine but wouldn’t grow claws or transform and gain mass if he touched the Hulk. On top of that he doesn’t gain the same level of control as they have over their powers making random copying potentially dangerous not only to others but also himself as well.



Xerox is a talented tactician and leader who inspires by example. His has excellent combat skills even without his powers thanks to training with several villains and heroes, including Captain America. He’s very intelligent and had a natural affinity for science and robotics.


Strength Level

Xerox possesses the strength for a man his weight, age, and build who engages in regular extensive exercise. He can lift up to 200lbs without any aid from his powers.



His powers work automatically on skin contact so he must limit skin to skin contact. His duplication power is totally useless against those who gained their powers from non-mutations such as training, technology or magic. Without a copy to use he’s essentially left a regular human male. While he can copy someone’s power it never quite equal to the original.



Equipment: Uniform is made of unstable particles to match any replicated power he’s using.

Transportation: X-Cruiser MK III; Talbot Private Jet.

Weapons: None known.




  • Xerox’s power cancels out other absorption powers such as Sauron or Rogue’s.
  • Xerox had a tentative romance with Rogue due to their powers canceling out but nothing ever came of it.
  • He has a younger sister Sabrina, who’s also the mutant named Phantasm.
  • He’s immune to his sister’s telepathic/holographic illusion powers just as she’s immune to his copy power.