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Sabrina Salinas




Real Name: Sabrina Salinas

Alias: Phantasm, Brin, Miss Sabotage

Identity: Secret

Alignment: Good

Affiliation: Fed-X

Relatives: Joseph Salinas (Brother), Alora Salinas (Sister in law), Trisha Gannon (sister in law)

Base of Operation: 24-C, Boone Tower, Manhattan, New York City, New York



Gender: Female

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 106 lbs

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown



Citizenship: American

Martial Status: Single

Occupation: Student, Adventurer

Education: Westwood Academy Graduate


Origin:  Sabrina is a mutant who can project illusions and realistic holograms onto telekinetic constructs in her line of sight. Her power spontaneous triggered during a class trip which nearly resulted in an accident.

Place of Birth: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, New York


1. History

1.1  School Days

1.2  Wicked

1.3  Spotlight

1.4  Solo Act

1.5  Defiance

2. Powers and Abilities

2.1 Powers

2.2 Abilities

2.3 Strength level

2.4  Weaknesses

3. Paraphernalia

4. Notes




School Days

Sabrina was the Salinas’s second child and only daughter. As such they tended to spoil her much to her brother’s annoyance. The circumstances of their deaths are vague as neither sibling cares to speak about it. What is known is that it was shortly before her mutant powers would first appear and while on vacation in Canada.


With the bulk of their parent’s finances left in trust for them, Sabrina was enrolled in the prestigious Westwood Academy in Massachusetts. Feeling abandoned by her brother she began to act out for attention by pulling pranks. It was during one of these that her powers kicked in and she nearly caused a bus to crash as she unknowingly projected the image of her mother on the road while feeling homesick.


Practicing in secret she quickly began to develop her illusions to fully interactive life-like figures. She used them to pull even bigger pranks and stunts until she was found out by a trio of girls at school. Seeing her as useful they decided to befriend her and over several weeks worked their way into her confidence before asking her to help with a little fun. She began to use her powers to help them shoplift but they always justified it to her later as no one was getting hurt.


This changed when they had Sabrina scare Melissa Reye, a new girl at the academy and she ended up being seriously hurt after running away and crashing through a railing on the second floor. Feeling guilty for hurting her even by accident she began to waver and wanted to confess to the headmistress. Fearing she’d rat them out the other girls set her up for stealing. By making it potentially their word against hers and with her past history of discipline problems she’d be expelled and that’d be the end of the problem. During the required student council judicial review though she used her powers and fooled the girls into confessing to setting her up and repeated shop lifting. Sabrina then confessed to scaring the new girl and asked for her forgiveness. Westwood in the end expelled the trio and put her on double academic probation with the loss of all privileges. Making peace with Melissa they became friends.



Her new friendship began to change her outlook although she still pulled pranks, just not as often, more to ease the boredom of academy life then for the attention. Strange events began to occur as a new headmistress, Ms Destine was assigned. Several girls went missing over several weeks and were declared runaways despite leaving all their possessions behind. Several strange apparitions were reported and because of her past tricks blame naturally fell on Sabrina. Determined to find out who was framing her or at least stealing her gimmick she began to investigate.


Finding one of the apparitions one night, she was shocked to see it wasn’t an effect or an illusion but the spirit of one of the missing girls. Before it vanished the girl pointed to the clock tower. The following night with Melissa in tow they searched the tower but came up with nothing until Melissa noticed a breeze coming from the floor. Disappearing for a second she somehow opened a hidden entrance leading down. Following it down they found an old chamber with a raised alter in the middle. Searching, they found the heirloom locket of one of the girls and then heard voices coming down the stairs. Hiding they discovered the Ms Destine was a dark sorceress using the girls souls to renew her youth and power and she needed only one more. Before she could extract the last soul and complete the rite Sabrina and Melissa attacked but were overpowered by her magic and Melissa was seemingly stabbed in the heart. With Sabrina helpless to stop her, she began her chant again and seemed to draw out the girl’s soul. Proclaiming victory she was suddenly stabbed from behind by Melissa and with disbelieve saw her offering vanish from the altar. With her time up a rift formed as she began to age into a haggard crone and was sucked into limbo. Her spell unfinished, the girl’s spirits were freed and they returned to their bodies unharmed.


Surprised by her friend’s survival, Melissa finally admitted to her that she too was a mutant and had made herself ultra dense to deflect the blade meant for her heart. She’d been too scared to do so though when she had fallen earlier. Leading the disoriented girls out the clock tower they escaped just as it collapsed. With no proof of the truth to present and the girl’s memories a blank they told the school the Ms Destine had found a secret hideout and had died saving the lost girls. She was posthumously honored along with Melissa and Sabrina for their brave actions.



As Fed-X began to be noticed by the media Sabrina had the feeling she knew some of them. Seeing the masked face of Xerox she suddenly realized it was her older brother, Joseph. She asked for him to come to her commencement ceremony with a plan to prove it.

After ceremonies were complete she met his friends, Alora, Trisha and Brock and secretly marked them. A monster then began to rampage nearby and she watched them disappear separately before Fed-X arrived to fight it. After a short battle the monster was defeated and suddenly vanished. As she went to congratulate them, Sabrina shone a black light on their hands to reveal a glowing smiley face on each of them. Her suspicions confirmed, she begged to join Fed-X explaining her powers and adventures so far. Furious, Xerox instead took his mask off to scold his sister for pulling a dangerous stunt like that. In the end they found she was still under18 and therefore too young to be recruited.


Undeterred, Sabrina then tried to contact the X-Men only to find she had no real idea how to find them. Blocked but determined she tried to join the Avengers only to have them tell her she was too young as well. Dejected she went on a cruise only to have it hijacked by agents of HYDRA attempting to kidnap the daughter of a researcher to gain leverage over him. The plan failed as she used a telekinetic construct to rescue herself and the other passengers before smothering a bomb. Unfortunately not knowing the difference her construct was hailed as the hero not her. A few weeks later though Sabrina would be kidnapped by agents who wanted to draw who they thought was her protector into a trap. Furious that she wasn’t even the real reason they kidnapped her she made a telepathic illusion to distract them. She then formed a construct around herself and broke free destroying most of the hidden base in the process of her escape. Disgusted with how her career as a would-be superhero had so far turned out she temporally retired and enrolled in NYU later that fall.


Despite her ‘retirement’ living in New York City gave her plenty of muggers, robbers and plain creeps to handle on a semi-regular basis. She also had her first superhero team up with Spider-man. Through out that year she kept tabs on Fed-X and her brother and saved his life from an anti-mutant attack on his hospital after his battle with Cataclysm. When he disappeared she nearly withdrew from college to go look after him but Brock and Trisha convinced her to let them to do it instead. Months later with his return and her birthday she was ready to fulfill her goal to join Fed-X. Her brother and Alora arrived at her door instead to deliver the bad news. Fed-X had been disbanded and he was moving back into their parent’s place with her until he sorted out what to do. In Alora, she found an older sister and Sabrina began to reconnect to her brother after nearly five years apart.


When Moon Dog contacted her brother weeks later though, he neglected to tell her why and left to meet him at his family manor. Only when she heard reports about Fed-X reappearance did she learn they had reformed. Tracking them down again she asked to be a member and was denied by a narrow margin. With them being an outlaw group and now sought by the government, Xerox as the tie breaker thought it was too dangerous to have his sister there with them. Feeling betrayed she left the manor before he could fully explain himself to her. This rift would remain between them for years.


Solo Act

Given how often she seemed to use her powers while not a hero she decided it was time to try her luck again. Sewing together a costume she began to patrol the streets. Again the construct, based on her ideal hero, seemed to get more attention then her but this time she went with it claiming to be its sidekick. Thus she started her career as Mr. Wrecker and his assistant, Miss Sabotage. While it was nice to do some good with her powers in public, the fact her imaginary partner got most of the credit began to bother her more and more. Unfortunately while trying to go ‘solo’ she met up with the Purple Man whose mind control powers countered her telepathic abilities and Shakes, whose brain was so fried her illusionary powers didn’t work. She ended up being saved by Mr. Wrecker both times, humiliating her.


Seeking to have better control over her telekinetic powers she thought of contacting Cinder but her anger at her brother was still present. Trying to find another teacher she would meet Monica, an old woman who claimed to have magic powers similar to hers. After months of training with her, Sabrina was attacked by shadow creatures who claimed to be after Monica. Fighting them off she rushed to Monica’s studio to find her hanging from a wall with what she been told was a Pit Boss, a mid-level demon who worked as an agent for darker powers, tormenting her. Claiming her soul was in forfeit the Pit Boss had come to collect. Sabrina’s powers seemed useless so she offered herself instead of her mentor despite Monica’s insisting this wasn’t her responsibility. All she had was take his hand to seal the pact. Reaching forward she instead laid an amulet in his hand. To her surprise the Pit Boss, Monika and her studio vanished and the ghost form of Destine appeared. The Sorceress had escaped Limbo but was now a bodiless spirit. She’d planned on taking her revenge by using glamour to create Monica and fool Sabrina into making the pact and then possess her body as a new host. Hearing Monica’s story weeks earlier though she’d done some research and discovered the amulet. It dispelled evil energy and Destine spirit seemed to fade back into nothingness.


On M-day, when 99% of all mutants lost their powers Sabrina woke up screaming in the middle of the night. Solely on reflex she blew the wall of the apartment out with a massive telekinetic blast. Recovering quickly she stopped the debris from hurting anyone with some help from Spider-man. Finally contacting her brother she found out Fed-X had lost most of its members and Talbot Manor was heavily damaged. Sabrina offered to take in the de-powered members to their parent’s penthouse and reluctantly he agreed. She covered their arrival by making them part of the work force clearing the damage and repairing the gaping hole in the exterior wall. Being with them made her conflicted between enjoying being with her own kind and sadness that not all mutants, powerless or not, had a place where they felt like they belonged.



Joining a mutant outreach program to help de-powered mutants she nearly ended up being relocated to Xavier’s School of Higher Learning when the government began to assemble all known remaining mutants for their own ‘safety’. Putting them all in one spot easy to attack was not her idea of safe so using her powers she hid a small number from the round up. Xerox found about her plans to free the remaining mutants by attacking the Sentinels guarding the Xavier mansion and using it as a distraction to get them out. Rather then impotently argue he took her to meet Emma Frost, headmistress of Xavier’s, and then had her and her friends practice this plan in the danger room. She finally got the idea after the group was either killed or captured in six different runs. The mutants would have to stay where they were.


After the massive surge of former mutant energy had left Earth post M-day, A mist began to form and plot. Finding the trio of girls who been expelled from Westwood it began to use suggestion and illusions to kindle the flame of revenge. Leading them through a magic rite they summoned a Pit Boss and made a deal for power. Only then did the mist reveal itself to be Destine. Still only a hazy wraith she dubbed them, The Three. Instructing them in their new powers she let them loose during a support group meeting for de-powered mutants that Sabrina was helping. Outmatched and outnumbered by The Three, she was rescued by Melissa Reye and both escaped using her powers.


With The Three looking for both of them now they decided running would just endanger others. With a high sense of irony, Sabrina was now protecting her brother by not letting him know. Several of the mutants she rescued overheard her though and volunteered to help to even the score. Reluctant to involve them she needed the extra power through and set out to confront The Three at an abandoned factory. In a brutal fight each of The Three was beaten. The Pit Boss appeared declaring they were now in default. Panicked they turned to Destine, who said she could banish him but she needed their help. Ignoring Sabrina’s warnings they agreed and were turned into spirits while Destine became flesh and blood again. Instead of banishing him, she handed their souls over to the demon as payment, revealing she planned the whole thing as a way to get her body back. Killing Sabrina would have just been a bonus. Fighting her directly they were losing until Destine was accidentally impaled by falling debris caused by her attempt to kill Sabrina while pinned to the floor.


Seeing how well they worked together they decided to form a team that met as needed if one of them was in trouble. When she tried to get Fed-X to take them on as a reserve team, Xerox flew out personally to deal with her. To finally decide on it they had a full-out battle that Sabrina eventually won by outsmarting him. Seeing she wasn’t the bratty little girl he remembered he told her how proud their parents would be. They been denied reserve status but unofficially he was now official reserve member of her group so if they needed anything he’d find a way to help.


Their rift finally closed both siblings wish each other luck. They would need it weeks later as the Hulk attacked Xavier’s and then returned to New York City. Fed-X fell before the Hulk’s wrath after his attack on Xavier’s and her team had little actual chance of stopping him. Swatted down time and time again they got back up the War-bound arrived nearly killing Abigail. Using her powers Sabrina disguised their retreat as the Mighty Avengers and Gamma Corps would continue the fight without them. This serious setback had made the non team rethink its purpose and has temporarily disbanded.


Alone again for now Sabrina has lately been helping hide Anti-registration members as part of the underground as well as finally assisting Fed-X and her brother by projection illusions of the team elsewhere while on mission.


Powers and Abilities


Phantasm is an Alpha level mutant who has several strong psionic abilities relating to illusion and deception.


Telepathy: She can manipulate the minds of others and even higher order animals within her line of sight, up to 20 miles under best conditions.

  • Telepathic Illusion: able to project realistic images and events directly into another’s mind. These illusions seem so real that the body reacts to them as if they were real such. As such, if she projected the image of a wall they would be stopped as if there was a solid physical wall in front of them.
  • Telepathic Camouflage: able to disguise and hide her and others by changing the apparent physical appearance of the surroundings around them to make them unnoticed, even to the point of becoming invisible. The limit seems not to be the number of people she’s hiding but the number of people watching.
  • Telepathic Projection: able to project her thoughts as visible images onto objects of her choosing. She can also project holographic images of her thought onto the air or a telekinetic construct.
  • Psionic Shield: able to project a psionic barrier to protect her mind or others.


Telekinesis: telekinetic abilities enable her to levitate herself or other objects, propel or manipulate them however she wishes, and generate concussive force or protective shields. The limit of such depends on her condition such as her current health, stress and other factors.

  • Telekinetic Constructs: Able to create a variety of solid forms and shapes using her mind alone. They are completely invisible even to her until she projects a telepathic image onto them. These constructs can be mobile and range in size but the larger or more complex the harder they are to maintain against assaults and the quicker she tires from the effort. Sabrina prefers simple shapes such as spheres or cylinders and has perfected creating humanoid constructs that she then projects an illusionary image over to create realistic holographic figures.
  • Telekinetic Sensitivity: able to sense details like texture, heat, and pressure while grasping things with her telekinesis.



Sabrina has a vivid and creative imagination that she uses to make her constructs. She can speak Spanish, English, and French and knows partial Italian and Latin. 


Strength Level

Sabrina has the strength of a woman her age, height, and build who engages in regular moderate exercise. Her telekinetic powers are strong enough that Sabrina can lift (press) 10 tons under optimal conditions.



None Known



Equipment: None Known

Transportation: None Known

Weapons: None Known



  • Sabrina is immune to her brother’s copy power.
  • She’s also an excellent soccer player.