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Welcome to the Castle Polaris.

Castle Polaris was once the residence for generation after generation of the ruler's of the Polaris and the royal family. It's exact date of construction is lost but it's known to be well over 15,000 years old. It's rumored to have been built over a bet between the then princes of Polarisa, Antigius and Morgius as to who could built their royal palace the fastest. The winner taking the crown was a great motivation to win. It ended when one brother, Antigius was "accidently" crushed to death by a stone that was to mark his castle being completed. His castle was then torn apart and carted to the Morgiuses palace and it grew to it's present size or so goes the story.
The entire grounds covers 750,000 square meters and consists of the main keep, gate house, the now empty village, three promenades, a mixed fruit orchard, a vinyard and the only garden with rare Beryl blue roses  It is partially surrounded by walls on the north, west and east and rests on an island made from the orginal grounds on Polarisa.
The grounds were relocated from the homeworld in roughly 3600 BC and placed in storage in psuedospace until it was placed at it's current location in northern Honshu in the spring of 1996. It was accomplished with the installation of several subspace engines through the grounds. These engines also allow the entire island to relocate back into pseudospace if need be or power orbital drives to achieve flight alibietly at a leisurely speed of 60 kph. All of these were hidden underground to not disturb the natural scenery and operated by a master control in a chamber under the main keep. Each can be operated manually but since there are two dozen it's impratical to try it that way in any thing less then an emergency.


The castle, partially seen above, is located on a extensive island created just for it, 200 km from Tokyo, in northern Japan.

The keep proper is 230m tall at the highest spire and has six towers. The two smaller towers are to the corners of the north wall and the four central spires forming the central area with interlacing bridges. These were added into the orginal design to ease travelling from one tower to another without having to climb all the way down. The south eastern of them opens to a flat platform that over looks the entire island and was once using as a dueling arena for nobles, often to the death. The idea was to make the opponent surrender or fall over the edge so they'd have to release their weapon and grasp onto the floor or follow duelist before they fell to their deaths. This was the only way to offically end a duel since it was illegal to willing kill another noble in the presence of the king even by challenge. While letting your opponent fall to his death after driving him over was considering bad form it was legal way to rid yourself of a pesky offical.
The tower interiors are made up of several suites per level with alternating staircases.all leading to a landing above the main gallery where all four towers merge to help form the base of the keep.It's at this bottom most level that the sitting parlor's, main dining room and kitchens are found.
Under the keep is the warren, a maze of passages craved from the soil and rock and linking several artifical and natural caves in the island and under the lake bottom. Between it and the Castle though is the lab, The true negachamber.