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Birthplace of miracles and monsters


At the base of the towers is a special door. One thats stands out to the long hallway it's placed at the end of. A large metal door with no hinges or a lock.Should you know how to open it you'll descend into the depths of the island itself. After ashort passage you find yourself at the begining of a maze that stretches for miles and many levels.  There would be a door much like the one that marked the beginning of the downward passage. After entering it you would see the walls are no longer rough hewn stone but metals and polished finished qaurtz and marble. Welcome to where the website got it's name. The Negachamber. A complex of labs, pens, docking bays and work stations all based around a central access area on several levels.
If you think this all sounds odd you'd be right. The lab is a secret research base for Genco and the home of a unique group of humanity, the Cyberdolls. What's a Cyberdoll? A human geneticly designed before conception and enchanced to reach the peak of overall human ability. This is not limited to their strength speed and agilty. Each doll in cultivated in a hydro-static tank filled with a viscous green growth medium thats comprised of mutagens, steroids, hormones, phermones, and a blend of seven secret herbs and spices. Only kidding about that last part. While their being grown the dolls are implanted with memories, training and loyality to their creator. After they reached "maturity" Each is taken out and subjected to an extensive training program to aclimate their bodies to the skills their minds possess. Top in this is their combat training in both armed and unarmed combat. Various styles of martial arts and boxing are emphasized along with marksmenship. The main purpose of the Cyberdoll after all is to be a deceptive, unassuming assassin and the perfect solider. Fearless, skilled and deadly.
There are four classes of Cyberdoll seperated by the time of their length of gestation in their tank. Due to the mutagenic effect of the growth medium the more accelerated a doll's growth the shorter their life spans and versely the opposite.
Class A: The oldest of the dolls and most skilled. They are also the most numerous due to fitting into most social setting's. Their the elite and the leaders among the dolls during missions with mixed teams. They are grown to a ratio of one year for every week and it takes 18 week minimum for a fully mature doll. Their average life span is 20 years.
Class B: The middle class of normal production dolls. Useful when security will over look a younger girl as a possible threat. Used to brutal effect. Grown is a ratio of one year/ three days and mature dolls are extracted when 6-7 weeks old. Their average life span is 10 years.
Class C: The youngest and possibly deadliest of dolls due to their child-like appearance. Their also the fewest in number. Their growth ratio is one year/day and a mature doll is 10-12 days old. Average lifespan is 5 years. Short but sweet.
Class D: A newly designed line of dolls that serve as cannon fodder and are as mass produced as the weapons and armor issued to them. Their orginl purpose was to build an army of them for a possible conflict that was averted. The line is currenly now on hold with 10,000 of the orginal 100,000 now in statis. Their growth matrix was set for one year/6 hours and a full subject was aged for 5 days with a life span of two years.
As you can see the tanks are arranged in rows segregated by class. Spare bodies are kept in their tanks asleep until needed. When this occurs an optical reader is placed over their eyes and the memory patterns of the current, deceased doll are uploaded into their brains via the optic nerve making the doll techniquely immortal  Their memories are as crisp and clear as the last recorded mental record. Current law considers this cloning and therefore illegal. Great pains are taken by the company to insure no one will ever discover a doll's corpse. This includes a microimplant in their bodies that liquidfies their bodies back into it's basics prts of water proteins and minerals. Thus leaving a slightly disgusting red and green blob of bone fragments and what used to be flesh and blood. This is an extreme measure and most offten the body is recovered by other dolls and returned to the lab.


The system that oversees the dolls creation and everything that occurs in the Negachamber is a sentinent, highly developed super computer named Naomi. It is also a fully interactive photonic being that changes her appearance with her mood. Despite this she highly capable at her job.
It's her programing and adaptability that keeps the lab and the castle above it from becoming expensive peices of stone and metal junk. Her primary function is to over see the development and training of the dolls while in statis tanks. She also moniters all the experiment, the care of animals and maintaince of equipment through the hundred's of droids moving through out the complex. Even with this she entertains herself by connecting to other super computers and playing games with them often for the data each contains in their databases.