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Mecha bay Sub-base

Would the owner of the Veritech fighter please shut off their running lights.


After wandering through the Warren you are more then likely to find your self back in the lab. It was designed so one could find the way back up to the lab. going through the lab you'll notice hundreds of doors. They all lead someplace different though. Through use of negative and pseudospace the lab exists out time as you know. This allows it to be connected to part of the real word via pseudo space gates, hence the doors.
Stepping through a sliding door in the main room, only one of three in the central area will lead you to a long vatwalk over looking a large square room with doors leadiing in three directions. These connect to make a honey comb of rooms used in storage and maintaince and arming of the various mecha keep in this section.
This is Sub base. as the name implies it is underwater. 430m down under the sea floor and six nautical miles southeast of Tokyo Bay. It's a round dome with two horns stick out up towards the surface. These shafts open up to ocean and are lined with a mag-lift to help accelerate the mecha out and up to the surface. Almost all the mecha here are Genco models but a select few are from other producers such as Genom and Morishima Heavy industries as well as a prototype from Anaheim in the United States. Genco doesn't make war machines but hopefully tools to defend peace and freedom.
Please follow the yellow line or you'll get lost. The floor is color coded as are the plates above the all the doors. Red areas require a code to enter as they contain the weapons and the Power core stoarge area. Blue encicles the whole base and shows the sea outside. It's the leisure area. Yellow are the general sectors and Green  living quarter's. By following any of these lines you supposed to be able to get to the nearest section in fifteen minutes.
Deep under all this, in the core of Sub-Bay is the fusion reactor powering it.Using a derivative of Heavy hydrogen it produces enough power to run a third of the Tokyo/Chiba section. Its lack of radioactive products makes it safe should an emergency happen in the base, such as an Earthquake.
The base currently houses 120 aircraft, 1200 assorted mecha(active and stored), a mecha aseembly plant, two space cruisers and their assembled fighter sqaudrons in dock, and 4,300 droids. Should you want to return to the castle you'll find the Yellow line marked C will bring you back to the main room and the walkway. Or if you follow it you'll see the smaller door to the far south that connected through Pseduospace to a door in the main garden.

To those that aren't familar with the term Psuedo space it's not that uncommon.
Also called Null, Sub or Hyperspace it a spacial dimension outside this one. If you could see into it you see it's an endless expanse of nothing. That nothingness is a barrier between a mutlitude of other existances out there.
To put it simpliy, if the universe was a cake it would only be a layer on a many tiered cake. Each unaware the others around them exist and assuming their the only universe. Psuedo space would be the icing on that cake. Completely surrounded all the layers but not being part of them.  Since it's outside normal space it also exists outside what would be considered time and our abilty to precive it in a three dimentional way. There is no up or down, length or width to it for you to make out if you were standing up still are falling at a constant rate.
Given this it would seem that trying to cross it to travel in time or to a new Universe is nearly impossible. Truthfully it is, so bridges of Psuedo space are very carefully drawn between to points and anchored making a passage from one point in space to the other with no loss of time simpliy by skipping over the space between them. Without this bridge from point to point you'd become lost in pseudo space and any bridge you could make would be random due to all existances exist at the same place and time while in it.
The timeless nature of Psuedo space makes it ideal for storage as long as you keep that new pocket universe you create conected to a fix point in real space. Should you lose it it nearly impossible to reconnect to.
Both incidents occur do to Heizenburg's principle of uncurrently. It states that any measurements in any one of two observable properties such as position and momentum produces uncertainity in the measurement of the other. The product of these uncertainity are greater to or equal to H over 2pi where H= Plank's constant. In Psuedo space all universes basicly behave like particles due to it's fluidity propeties. Thus to link from inside is random since you can't predict both the postion of the bridge and the momentum each universe has as it spins. Outside in real space it's nearly impossible to predict where a one sided bridge will open to in Psuedo space for the same reason.